HUMAN RESOURCES Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Policy

Hıdırusta Automotive’s aim is to create a positive company culture with an approach that values people, continual development and innovations. The company views expanding the number of qualified people as an intrinsic value. 
At the core of the company’s Human Resources policy are maintaining high employee motivation, providing every opportunity for the sharing of every kind of view and idea in a manner suitable to the principle of transparency and creating a comfortable and peaceful family environment for employees. 

The company aims to be the “preferred workplace” in the sector and follows a comprehensive roadmap including an orientation programme as part of its employment process. Providing training and self-development opportunities and creating career maps in order to maximise productivity are among Hıdırusta’s priorities. 

For Hıdırusta, employee satisfaction is as crucial point as customer satisfaction for sustainable success. The company keeps its finger on the pulse of its employees with Suggestion and Complaint boxes and annual questionnaires. The company also ensures a strengthening corporate belonging with internal corporate activities.

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