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The Hıdırusta Automotive family came together on 14 June at the iftar table, held on a boat in the middle of the famous Bosphorus with its magnificent views and accompanied by traditional live fasil music. Detail
Hıdırusta Automotive’s head office, located in İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone, was filmed as part of the İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone’s promotional film.Detail
The Turkish Automotive Aftermarket Association’s new management board and audit committee was elected at the ordinary Management and Financial General Meeting held on 08 June 2017. Detail
Hıdırusta Automotive’s General Manager and management board member of the Turkish Automotive Aftermarket Association (OSS) Rıza Şahin participated in the Autopromotec Bologna 2017 exhibiton held in Italy between 24-28 May 2017. Şahin, together with OSS Management Board members and Patrizio Ragusin, gave a presentation entitled ““The Turkish Automotive Aftermarket from the Perspectives of Manufacturers and Distributors”.  Detail
Mother’s Day is one of the most special and meaningful days… On the occasion of this special day, all female employees came together with General Manager Rıza Şahin. We celebrated the Mother’s Day of today’s mothers and those of the future.Detail
Hıdırusta Automotive was a sponsor of the 8th Aftermarket Conference, held by the Association of Automotive Spare Parts and Components Manufacturers and the Union of Automotive Industry Exports with the support of the Turkish Automotive Aftermarket Association.Detail
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