PRESS OFFICE Rıza Şahin Spoke at the Autopromotec Exhibition

Rıza Şahin Spoke at the Autopromotec Exhibition

Hıdırusta Automotive’s General Manager and management board member of the Turkish Automotive Aftermarket Association (OSS) Rıza Şahin participated in the Autopromotec Bologna 2017 exhibiton held in Italy between 24-28 May 2017. Şahin, together with OSS Management Board members and Patrizio Ragusin, gave a presentation entitled ““The Turkish Automotive Aftermarket from the Perspectives of Manufacturers and Distributors”.  
The main topics in the presentation, followed with great interest, were “The State of the Turkish Economy”, “The Current Situation of the Automotive Industry”, “Evaluations and Expectations of The Automotive Aftermarket” and “The Role of the OSS in the Sector”.    . 


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