Quality Policy

As Hıdırusta Automotive, our main objective is to render fast and reliable service to our customers, in compliance with the technology and the age. We undertake to develop our solution partnership with the customer, which we provide services, and the supplier firms, as well as aiming continuous development with our conscious and responsible employees while achieving this objective.

Being Customer-Oriented: Our Firm acts as customer-oriented by prioritizing customer satisfaction, in order to provide better services.
Leadership: Leadership principle is adopted within our firm in order to be able to implement the activities more effectively.
Participation: Participation principle is applied in our firm within the framework that effective activity might be performed with the participation of the employees.
Process approach: Process approach principle is adopted by considering the impact of systematic structuring in achieving improved, consistent and foreseeable results.
Systematic approach: Principle of a systematic approach to the management along with the implementation of process approach is also adopted in our firm.
Continuous improvement: Continuous improvement principle is adopted and implemented for the purpose of performance increase and resilience to the developing world.
Decision making with tangible data: Data is held/found in order to be able to reach to the correct results in the decision stage, and principle of decision making with tangible data through the analysis of data is adopted.
Protecting the benefits of the parties: Our firm adopts the principle of protecting the benefits of the parties in connections with the clients and suppliers, and aims to provide added value also to its suppliers.

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