OHS Policy

The Occupational Health and Safety policy, that is adopted by our company, which is the leading and reliable firm of the sector in domestic and foreign automotive spare part sales, is based on the respect against human.

Accordingly; we undertake as our Occupational Health and Safety Policy:

  • To protect human health within the team spirit by complying with the legal legislation and terms,
  • To provide a safe and healthy working environment,
  • To raise awareness of all employees with the help of training, and to adopt no to endanger the health and safety of themselves, the other employees and visitors as the main task,
  • To establish a culture of preventing by conducting systematically risk assessments related to the possible hazardous situations and behaviours which may emerge while we operate,
  • To continue to be a model company by getting the risks under control, improving the Occupational Health and Safety Management System continuously.

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