COMPANY PROFILE Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

In order to manage all kinds of risks directed our information security and information assets, we, as Hıdırusta Automotive and its employees, undertake:
to accept corporate information, employees’ personal information, customer data (financial data, personal information…) as valuable and critic, and to fulfil the obligations required by the laws in relation with the information security,
to provide the required infrastructure in order to ensure that the information services, which are used in the realization of our corporate activities, continue without interruption, personal and private data are accessed only by authorized persons, and to take the necessary safety measures,
To document and improve continuously our information security management system so as to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 standard,
To comply with all legal legislations and contracts related to information security,
To manage the risks against information assets systematically,
To provide training, which shall develop technical and behavioural competencies in order to increase information security awareness;
And break our back in order to be a model organization with our leadership regarding the information security in the automotive aftermarket, by managing it as integrated with the other management systems we implement.

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